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Ported Theme of Hux Blog, Thank Huxpro for designing such a flawless theme.
This BeanTech theme created by YuHsuan modified from the original Porter Kaijun

Live Demo

BeanTech Desktop


I publish the whole project for your convenience, so you can just follow the instruction down below, then you can easily customiz your own blog!

Let’s begin!!!


git clone https://github.com/YenYuHsuan/hexo-theme-beantech.git ./hexo-beantech
cd hexo-beantech
npm install


Modify _config.yml file with your own info.
Especially the section:


Replace to your own repo!

  type: git
  repo: https://github.com/<yourAccount>/<repo>
  branch: <your-branch>

Copy your avatar image to <root>/img/ and modify the _config.yml:

sidebar: true    # whether or not using Sidebar.
sidebar-about-description: "<your description>"
sidebar-avatar: img/<your avatar path>

and activate your personal widget you like

widgets:         # here are widget you can use, you can comment out
- featured-tags
- short-about
- recent-posts
- friends-blog
- archive
- category

if you want to add sidebar widget, please add at layout/_widget.

Signature Setup

Copy your signature image to <root>/img/signature and modify the _config.yml:

signature: true   # show signature
signature-img: img/signature/<your-signature-ID>

Go to top icon Setup

My icon is using iron man, you can change to your own icon at css/image.

Post tag

You can decide to show post tags or not.

home_posts_tag: true


home_posts_tag: false


Markdown render

My markdown render engine plugin is hexo-renderer-markdown-it.

# Markdown-it config
## Docs: https://github.com/celsomiranda/hexo-renderer-markdown-it/wiki
    html: true
    xhtmlOut: false
    breaks: true
    linkify: true
    typographer: true
    quotes: '“”‘’'

and if you want to change the header anchor ‘ℬ’, you can go to layout/post.ejs to change it.

        anchors.options = {
          visible: 'hover',
          placement: 'left',
          icon: ℬ // this is the header anchor "unicode" icon

Hexo Basics

Some hexo command:

hexo new post "<post name>" # you can change post to another layout if you want
hexo clean && hexo generate # generate the static file
hexo server # run hexo in local environment
hexo deploy # hexo will push the static files automatically into the specific branch(gh-pages) of your repo!

Have fun _

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[Hexo] Theme BeanTech [Hexo] Theme BeanTech
这是原主题移植者的Readme,这里保留下来,有需要的自行取用。 Ported Theme of Hux Blog, Thank Huxpro for designing such a flawless theme. This BeanT